2017 Rules Proposals

Hi ice racers!
Yea, it’s the middle of summer but AMEC needs to get the 2017 ice race rules voted on
so we can get our cars ready for January. This includes a very important tire rule to vote
on. So please read these rules proposals below over carefully, then think about how it
will affect you and your fellow racers and vote. Please feel free to call me or any of our
officers to discuss anything before you vote.
Dave Burnham
AMEC President
(518) 875 6956
E mail to racing48@nycap.rr.com

This first rule up for a vote is very important and there is a lot of info below for you to
make a well informed vote please read it carefully.

1: It has been proposed to allow the 135 85 15 Pirelli WR5 ice
rally tire with molded in studs to be used in all “Race Stud
classes” (SMO, SMC, MM,) These would be ordered in a bulk
purchase through AMEC.
Yes No
Circle Your Choice
The rule proposal is to allow for the use of the Pirelli WR5 135/85R15 which is a studded tire
specifically designed for the World Rally Championship for 2wd vehicles. They are currently being
used in Canada for the Quebec Rally Championship
titre‐de‐fournisseur‐officiel‐du‐championnat.html). We tested an asymmetric version of this tire
at the last race on several SMO cars. The tires held up very well however the traction was too high
so we are proposing using the WR5 tire which is narrower and has fewer studs. The high traction
of the AWD version made it difficult to rotate the cars and the speeds were higher than we’d like.
We believe the WR5 tire will be a good compromise.
Please note that there is some risk in that these tires may not hold up as anticipated or be
available in coming years since we don’t have control over what Pirelli makes. We have not tested
these specific tires ourselves however we have communicated with several people who
participated in the Quebec Rally series and they were very impressed with the tires. AMEC is
trying to find a tire that doesn’t take hours to install studs that will last a long time, and is
reasonably priced. We believe that this tire may be the solution.
This tire would be allowed in SMO, SMC and MM. The tire will be allowed in SS and SLM if we pass
the proposed rule to have the same tire rules for all the old “Menard” classes.
Championnat Rallye Québec – Entente de 3
ans avec Pirelli …
Q1: Are other sizes available?
A1: No, this is the only size. 13″ tires are NOT available.
Q2: How tall is the tire?
A2: 25.5″ with the studs. This is about the height of the old 13″ Menard tires.
Q3: What width rim do I need?
A3: Pirelli recommends 5″ wide rim. You can go narrower or wider however wider rims may
require you to run a tube to prevent the bead from leaking air. Possible sources for 5″ wide rims
are “space saver” spare wheels and www.SummitRacing.com. High quality rally rims are available
custom order from Braid for approximately $240 each plus $25 for shipping.
Q4: How much do they cost?
A4: Each tire will be about $275 plus about $29 in shipping. We will place a group order in
September and additional tires will not be available after that order. The price may change slightly
once we get the final order together and arrange shipping/importation. The tires will be shipped
to Dave Burnham Citroen in Delanson NY. Payment is required before we place the order.
Q5: If this rule passes does that mean I can only use these tires?
A5: No, other tire options are available per the rules. Also see the other proposed changes to the
rules regarding tires.
Q6: How come I don’t see the WR5 listed on Pirelli’s webpage?
A6: We don’t know for sure however the tire is available and being used by other people.
Information from Pirelli on this tire is limited.
Q7: How do I order tires?
A7: Once the rules have been voted on you will be able to order tires by contacting AMEC VP,
Michael Waterhouse (mwaterhouse@live.com) 518‐810‐8831.

2: It has been proposed to remove from the rules book any
references to Menard tires and instead insert “Race Stud tire”
Yes No
Circle Your Choice
The reasoning behind this is that we do not use Menard tires anymore and it can be confusing to new
people what that means.

3: Change the name of Modified Menard Class to just “Modified”
Yes No
Circle Your Choice
The reason for doing this is Menard does not make tires anymore and we want to get away from using
Menard in the rule book.

4: Change the name of Street Legal Menard to “Street Legal
Yes No
Circle Your Choice
Same reason we want to get away from the Menard brand.

5: Change the Stock Sportsman tire rules to be the same as the
“Modified” class. In other words SS class will not need to use
“neutered” tires.
Yes No
Circle Your Choice
The reason for this is to simplify the tire rule so all classes that use the old Menard type tires will have the
same stud rules.

6: It has been proposed to add a third race per day for the SS,
SLM, and Open class racers, they would also pay the same fee as
all other classes.
Yes No
Circle Your Choice
The thought behind adding a third race is that some people that would like to run these classes have not
come out or moved into these classes because they only got 2 races per day and they wanted more track

7: It has been proposed to change the morning registration end
time from 10AM to 9:30AM.
Yes No
Circle Your Choice
This will get the day started earlier and possibly give the registration people more time to get their
paperwork in order before the drivers meeting and also give them time to get to the drivers meeting.

8: It has been proposed to change the drivers meeting time from
10:15 AM to 10AM.
Yes No
Circle Your Choice
This will give us an extra 15 minutes to get the extra races in during the day and get the day rolling earlier.

9: It has been proposed to add into the rule book that car to car
contact in any SL class races can be penalized at any time
throughout the ice race season or even into the next season.
Yes No
Circle Your Choice
It often takes time to sort out or be made aware of contact that occurred in a race. Sometimes only after
the video replay can it be determined if a penalty should be assessed. AMEC wants to keep the contact in
SL class to zero and AMEC feels that the only way it can be done is to penalize the parties involved at any
time though the season or later.

10: It has been proposed to increase the one day membership
fee from $10 to $20.
Yes No
Circle Your Choice
This will generate more income for the club plus hopefully generate more full year club members. Last
season it was less expensive to buy single day memberships than buy a full AMEC membership and the
club wants full club memberships if at all possible. Full memberships allow voting on rules like these too
and single day memberships do not.

11: It has been proposed to remove the rule Any race
tire actually used and raced in the 2015 season will be
“grandfathered” in for the 2016 season only.
Yes No
Circle Your Choice

12: It has been proposed to change the rule: Which
states that the only approved race screw for SMO, SMC, and MM
is a Kold Kutter AMA #10: Change to: The approved screw can be
either a Kold Kutter AMA #10 screw at 30 per foot or a Kanadian
Kold Kutter #12 at 20 per foot.
Yes No
Circle Your Choice
We have confirmed that Kold Kutter has the AMA #10 screws in 1.5″ length with the machine threads and
pointed end in stock so we won’t have availability problems this year like we did last year.

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Awards Banquet Set For January 7, 2017

After much deliberation following our very brief but exciting season of racing it has been decided that we will honor our racing champions at our Annual Meeting which is held traditionally on the first Saturday night of January. This will also be the traditional date for the election of officers for the up coming year. Along with some great talk about the season about to start this event should now be one of the biggest dates on your calendar as a must attend event. Trophies will be handed out to all our class champions along with more than a few good-natured jokes and even a mockery or two 🙂  (can you see a Miata being crowned as King of the Snowbanks for 2016?)

So mark down on your calendars right now that date of January 7, 2017 to help us close out this past season and to welcome in the new season of exciting A.M.E.C. Ice Racing!!!

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About AMEC

A.M.E.C. holds monthly meetings on the second

 Monday night of each month at;

Russo’s Adirondack Grill
3700 Rt. 30
Broadalbin, NY 12025

It is located at the intersection of Rt. 29 and Rt. 30 in Broadalbin, NY.  Follow Route 30 north from the intersection and it’s only a few doors up from Dunkin Donuts on the left. The meeting starts at 7:30 but come early to get a bite to eat as the food is very good!

The Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club (A.M.E.C.) Celebrates its 61st. anniversary this year. We have also completed our 50th year of ice racing. A.M.E.C. Ice Racing is the safest and most inexpensive form of road racing available today. We race 6 classes of cars on approximately .75 to 1.3 mile road courses on frozen lakes in northeastern NY from mid January until early March. All regular classes run on purpose built studded ice racing tires which can be constructed according to our rules or bought fromPryme Tire . We also have the “Street Legal” classes, which use studless  winter tires. The Street Legal Unstudded [SL] class is for 2WD cars and the [SL4] class is for 4WD and AWD cars. We also have a studded tire Street Legal Class for both 2WD and 4WD/AWD using only the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 or 8 tires. Normal turnout is 60 to 80 entries. The studded classes run from mild to wild–from under 1500cc box stock cars to custom designed tube frame cars with up to 5.8 liter (358ci.) engines that are capable of running well over 100 mph. There are two stock type classes {Modified Menard and Stock Sportsman}, one for heavily modified stock type cars {Supermodified Closed Wheel}, and one class for exotic tube frame cars {Super Modified Open Wheel}. PLEASE SEE THE FULL COPY OF THE RULES. The race format for the race studded class cars, SMO, SMC, MM, is for two heat races for each class and one finale race. The heat races are about 20 minutes long and the finale from 30 to 40 minutes long. Street Legal classes run three 20 minute heat races. Normally races are held each Sunday during the season (weather and ice conditions permitting) but there may be one or more full weekend events. For more information on the Street Legal Classes click on the “Getting Started in Ice Racing”  link from the menu bar.

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