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The Adirondack Motor Enthusiasts Club presents an informative look into the world of Ice Racing.

Ice Racing is a form of Motor Sports for automobile enthusiasts who want to get real competitive motor racing at an affordable level. Ten  (10) classes of cars allow drivers to be competitive with daily driven "Street Legal" class cars all the way up to a full tube chassis "Super Modified" type racer. The usual number of cars competing on race day is from 50 to 70 in the various classes. Racing takes place on different frozen lakes of northeastern upstate New York on custom designed road courses of 1 mile to 2 miles in length. Safety is always of the utmost concern so no racing will ever be conducted on ice that is not found to be at least 12 inches in thickness across the entire lake area to be used.

The day’s events usually will consist of registration for all competitors and workers, a short practice session to allow all racers to become familiar with the track layout, and then a series of races consisting of varying classes of cars racing against one another. The day concludes with a Finale Race which includes all the Menard tire classes of cars in one exciting race.

The first race will consist of our Bridgestone sponsored Street Legal Unstudded  class racers in a 20 minute sprint race. These cars are stock street driven entries with minimal preparation to compete. Basically a fire extinguisher and a helmet are all you need to compete. The next 20 minute heat race consists of the D [or GTU] class cars. These cars will consist of mostly four cylinder front wheel drive cars with up to 2 liter engines. All competitors in the letter classes, [i.e. A,B,C, and D classes] use the Menard ice racing tire built in Wisconsin. All cars in this category are required to add roll cages to their cars. All nonessential items such as head and tail lights and interior components may be removed from the cars.

The other set of heat races will consist of the All Wheel Drive [AWD], C Class [GTO], B Class [Modified]and A Class [Super Modified] cars. These cars too will mostly consist of front wheel drive cars but with bigger and more powerful modified engines. The B Class cars can actually have as modified an engine as the driver likes but must still retain a stock body appearance. The Class A Super Modifieds are the fastest cars competing and are usually custom built tube chassis cars with very extensive modifications to both the suspensions and the engine. All cars in this class are allowed large wings to help the cars’ handling. About the only limitations on these cars are the minimum weight must be 1000 lbs. And engines must not be more than 360 C.I.D. or 5.8 liters. Engines from Chevrolet, Saab, VW, Ford, and even Maserati can be found nestled under the hoods of these cars. Although the D and C car classes can fly down the straights, the Modifieds have been found to be the quickest, normally attaining speeds of over 100 MPH.

Next on the agenda would be the Open Class which is designed for the second driver of any of the normal class racers. It gives new and upcoming drivers a chance to compete without the pressure of the "Pros" being on the track. Two sets of these races are run during the course of the afternoon which are then followed by two more Street Legal class races and then the big Finale Race of the day which consists of all the caged Menard class race cars on the course at one time. Believe me, if your heart doesn't flutter when you see 50 plus ice racers taking the green all at one time then you need to check the batteries in your pacemaker!

All cars race on similar type tires which can be either constructed by the racer themselves by either inserting long studs commonly found on winter snow tires for passenger cars or by screwing in #12 sheet metal screws from the inside. Most however use the commercially available Menard tire with molded -in studs.

On race day the racers are given window decals if they finish in the top three in their class. Everyone also gets points which accrue as the season goes along. Year end award winners are given trophies at the awards banquet in April each year.

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