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"HISTORIC CLASS" Vintage races were held at Lake George Winter Carnival  Feb. 23, 24, & 25, 2007

With 40+ years of ice racing in upstate NY, A.M.E.C. is happy once again to be able to hold an event for our "Historic" Exhibition Class racers, to be held this year as part of the 2007 Lake George Winter Carnival on Feb. 23, 24, & 25th.   The earliest A.M.E.C. ice races started on Lake George in 1965.  Typically the number of spectators there far exceed any other race. A.M.E.C. ice racing used be a bit more laid back, with more time to enjoy the racer's company instead of  racing from sun up till sun down. We will try to bring back that atmosphere on this day, as a post race dinner party and awards presentation is being planned.

Please click on the following link and print out an entry form; Historic Class Entry Form

Cars eligible: any car that would have been eligible and legal to ice race during the '60's and '70's. We are accepting anything up through '74, and certain cars up through '79. If you want to run a '75 to '79 car, simply contact the event coordinator, Mike Kamm at or (518) 674-0520 for approval. The car does not have to be an actual car that raced back in the day. All Historic Class cars need to display a neat and clean appearance. We'd like to see old cars come back out to race, but not cars with significant body damage. We will not allow junk on the track.  

Tire rules: We are hoping to see period correct tires, and every effort should be made to use them if you have them. We want to make this exhibition class as simple as possible, so we will run all cars together regardless of what class of tire they are using. You can use rubber to ice, street studs, or screw tires from the day. If you want to run something else, again contact me via email or call me at [518] 674-0520. No Menards will be allowed.

The "No Contact" rule [as in our Street Legal classes] will be in effect for the Historic exhibition class races. We don't want these classics to come back with black donut rings on the fenders. The track will be plowed extra wide for plenty of safe racing room. Just as in the old days, no roll cage will be required, but if you have one that's perfectly fine too.

Just like the current Street Legal Unstudded class, the Historic class will draw out many former ice racers who have been on the sidelines for years just waiting for an opportunity like this. Although we are all thinking about the Saab 93's and 96's that will no doubt be headlining this vintage ice racing spectacle, lets not forget that A.M.E.C. has had many other types of cars running in their 40 year ice racing history. We hope to see some of these return as well. They would include:
1.  Original Mini Coopers
2.  NSU's
3.  Early Mustangs
4.  Datsun roadsters
5.  Volvos- 544's, 122's, 144's
6.  Citroen DS21s
7.  Plymouth Barracuda
8.  VW Beetles
9.  Corvairs
10. Ford Falcons
11. DKWs
12. MG 1100s
13. Fiat 1100s
14. Saab Sonetts
15. Goliaths
16. Chevy Vegas
17. '63 Corvette Stingray split window coupe




Thom O'Connor's three-cylinder/two-stroke SAAB. And the #19 is Ken Watkins in a Fiat with who we believe to be John Weber in the yellow sweatshirt. It won't be long before you'll once again be able to witness the sights and smells of a Saab 93 out there blowing some of that trademark blue smoke around.
Event coordinator Mike Kamm, has already been getting quite a bit of feedback and interest in this new class. He's already had five current A.M.E.C. members inquiring about cars they would like to run, including a Datsun 240Z, an early Porsche 911 Targa, a '70 BMW 2002, and two Saab Sonnetts. Others are actually going out and buying cars specifically for this new Historic exhibition class. What's nice is that these cars don't need to be modified to compete. That means they aren't relegated for use as ice racing cars only. The same classic car you'd be taking to Summer shows can be fitted with some studded tires and taken out to lake George for some winter thrills!
Mike has sent out an email announcement for this new class to everyone on the 50th Anniversary email list assembled by Dave Burnham. He invites anyone who would like to be on this list to email him at: He will keep everyone informed as new cars get brought back to life and are added to the roster for the big Lake George vintage ice racing bonanza.

Bill Morris campaigned a pair of BMC Mini 850s which he shared with Joe Corbett and Hap Farnsworth --- this is Hap's car.
If by chance the conditions on Lake George aren't favorable to race on this winter, we will look to hold the race on whichever lake is raceable that weekend. We feel it will be quite something to see though, and there may be quite a few more ready to run in 2007.
There is a nice discussion on this event on our message board at: AMEC message board Link and another on the Grassroots Motorsport forums at:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Bruce Turk, the President of the Vintage Saab Club of North America, has accepted out invitation to participate in the Historic class races this winter with his classic [smokey three banger] '61 Saab 96 rallye car. He has also included a write up about the class in their monthly VSCNA newsletter and will see how many other Saabs we can get from that announcement.

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