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50th Anniversary of the

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Adirondack Motor Enthusiasts Club

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Feb. 9, 2004 and it was the official 50th. birthday of A.M.E.C

Greetings AMEC members:
I was delighted to learn that AMEC is still going strong after 50 years and planning to celebrate next July.   You’ve made a lot of progress since we left the Schenectady area in 1973.  I was one of the original group that got together during “coffee break” each morning and listened to Dave Hastings tell about sports car activities in the Philadelphia area and decided that we should have a car club.  Of course, AMEC was the result.  I’m still a “car nut” and have fond memories of AMEC as evidenced  by the fact that I still display my old AMEC badge on my 1974 MGB and have ice race dash plaques from 1964-1972 on the dash.
Your web site is amazing.  I was surprised to see all the excerpts from old AMEC minutes which brought back a lot of memories.  Really surprised to see the article I wrote for the SCCA newsletter, “The Knock Off”, about the history of AMEC.  I gave a big plug  for ice racing program, then only one season old.   I pointed out how safe it was, then a few weeks later I found my TR4 in a snow bank sandwiched between a Porsche and a Lotus 7.  After getting the TR4 out of the body shop, I got a partner and an old VW which we made into an ice racer.  We competed with limited success.   I guess I was always a middle-of-the-pack competitor, but I had a lot of fun.
I did a little better at the Charlton Autocross.   The highpoint for the Winter family came in 1959 when my wife, Janet, won the Bud Mason Memorial Trophy and I won the Hull Trophy for the most points scored at Autocross events.
I’m looking forward to the celebration weekend in July and hope to see a lot of old (and new) friends there.
Bob Winter

Here’s a note from Rob Dickson, the A.M.E.C. Vice-President from 1969 till 1974;

Wow! 50 years! I’m sure I echo many who can’t believe the march of time has put so many wonderful memories so far back numerically, since they seem so recent. Wasn’t it only last summer or so (no, it was the summer of ’66) that I attended my first A.M.E.C. event?
    It was a time trial held at the old White’s Beach course in Burnt Hills. The course was a dirt oval used for stock car racing in the 30’s or 40’s. Lack of maintenance had rendered it a bit rutty, but it was serviceable. I went at the invitation of Joe and Nancy Strykiewicz. I had a ’58 TR-3A which he and Dick Mills had just finished repairing after I had lost an argument with a 58 DeSoto. Other vehicles there were: Joe’s 66 Corvette 427, some variety of Corvair-engined Karmann Ghia driven by Bruce Carlton, and a perfectly ludicrous 57 Ford Fairlane with side exhaust pipes made from (truly, I swear) galvanized gutter downspout. I also remember Bill Smith and Bea Smith. I was hooked!
    The first Ice Race I ever went to was on Mirror Lake in the middle of Lake Placid. I went up with a couple of my fraternity brothers from Union College (thus increasing the Phi Sigma Kappa – A.M.E.C. – FUBAR Racing Team link pioneered by Joe Strykiewicz and Dick Mills). I remember the straight on the back of the course seemed longer than Mulsanne. Boy, I could go on, and perhaps I will on July 17th & 18th! Congratulations on a real milestone A.M.E.C.!
                                            Rob Dickson
                                            Vice President, A.M.E.C.

Here’s a letter from one of the founding members of A.M.E.C.;

February 6, 2004


To:      The Members of AMEC


From:  David Hastings


Congratulations of your 50th anniversary! It is so gratifying that you have survived and thrived. I’m sorry I can’t be there for the celebration but thought you would enjoy some recollections.


I came to Schenectady from Philadelphia in 1953 at the invitation of G.E. At that time the company had 30,000 employees (can you imagine). I was a member of the Philadelphia Region of the SCCA and owned a 1950 MG TC  ESU. Like people who meet because they have dogs, I found some people who owned sports cars and we began to talk about starting a club with idea of running rallies. Bates didn’t have a car so he was my constant navigator and a moving force in getting organized. Bates and I thought up the name (I’m still looking my club dash plaque – doesn’t Dick Vedder have one?).


In late 1954 I was transferred to Philadelphia, and a year later sent back to Schenectady, this time with a Triumph TR2 and a wife. I will never forget a rally when I lost the slave cylinder on the clutch and finished the rally without a clutch. Nor will I forget the tragic death of Bud Mason, who rolled his Arnolt Bristol (He was host of a popular local childrens’ TV show).


Sherm Havens was in the process for building a special. Don’t remember the chassis and engine, but the body was fiberglass over a tubular frame. Mal Buffum was also building a boat-tail special. Inspired by these two, I decided to do the same. I found in a field (literally!) near Burnt Hills a rusting 1947 Standard Eight convertible and set out to turn it into a English trials special. As you know English trials were events where competitors ran uphill in the mud. Time was not a factor – the idea was to see who could get to the top. I stripped the body and moved the engine back 18”, added  a seat (original) and new brake cables which didn’t work. All I did to the engine was to put in new points and plugs and it ran, making its debut at a Fo Castle Farm autocross. (Entry fee 50 Cents?).


Sherm Havens was instrumental in building a new autocross course in a field I don’t remember where. He rented a road scraper and carved a road course in the field. It was great fun. I don’t remember the hill climb proposed by Ward Allen and Mal Buffum.

Some of the cars I remember were a Nash-Healy (Sherwood Smith?), Sunbeam Talbot (Ray Miller), DKW (Bob Winter), Siata 850 Spyder (Ward Allen – fastest car in the club, by far) and, of course Dick Vedder’s VW Combi (is he ice racing this?).

One last personal note. After three kids and decades of station wagons, I bought and restored a 1951 MG TD in 1991. Shortly thereafter I modified it (slightly) for racing, joined the VSCCA and have since raced at Lime Rock, Watkins Glen, Pittsburgh and Pocono. Now that’s fun!

I hope you found this amusing and look forward to seeing you in July.

And a note from past member Mike Mazoway;


Congratulations on 50 years of AMEC! I remember going to my first ice race in Inlet in the winter 1971, I’m pretty sure it was an AMEC event. Back in the days of Phil Cooper, etc. We stayed in the Marina Motel. I think we had 16 people in one room. Talk about racing on a budget! Rubber to ice, lots of 2 stroke SAABs, a few Corvairs, occasional Mini, VW’s, two Citroen’s, and I remember a DKW running at the time. My first race had about 35 starters in my class. I started last on the grid. The hot shoes were passing me on the 2nd lap!


Mike Mazoway

  Were you ever a member of the Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club (A.M.E.C.)? If yes, then you are invited to a 50th. anniversary get together on the weekend of July 17th & 18th, 2004! We will have a weekend-long gathering of all racers, members, and families of anyone that was a part of this great club over the last 50 plus years.

In the early 50’s, a group of men from Schenectady, New York got together and formed an informal car club called the Adirondack Motor Enthusiasts Club (A.M.E.C.). In February of 1954, A.M.E.C. was incorporated. The founding members listed on the incorporation papers are David Hastings, Bates Murphy, and Robert Butler. From the beginning, the club met, and continues to meet, on the second Monday of each month.

It is written into the original incorporation paperwork that the founding members envisioned a club that would “encourage participation in the sport of motoring, to raise standards of maintenance of automobiles, and to foster and develop adherence to the principles and practices of safe motoring”.

A.M.E.C. has a long established history in and around the Schenectady, Scotia, and Saratoga areas of northeastern New York State. The club has held Road Rally’s, Economy Runs, Time Trials, Hill Climbs, Ice Races, Autocrosses and many other forms of performance related automobile events.

Please come and be a part of this once in a lifetime achievement, our 50th anniversary! There are not many clubs that have endured as long, and even fewer that have continued to thrive, as has A.M.E.C. Stay tuned for details of this great event as it comes together.

If you would like to be added to our 50th anniversary e-mail list, please send an e-mail to Dave Burnham at Dave@icerace.com  We are also looking for any photos or other historical items that you might have stored away in your attics or basements. We would gladly accept written submissions about the early years, or any years you have been involved in the club. These items may be used for the enhancement of the weekend and later compiled for a written history of the club.


Dave Burnham


If you have any bench racing stories or interesting anecdotes, the members of A.M.E.C. and the visitors to this page would love to read them. Please follow the link below to our message board where you can tell the world all about the time you kicked everybody else’s butt, or got yours booted. Everyone loves a good story!!!

A.M.E.C. Message Board

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Below is a complete list of A.M.E.C. Officer’s from 1954 to the present.

Date April to April President Vice Pres Secretary Treasurer Meeting Place
2005 to 2006 Claude Hutchings Mike Kamm Becky Glock Mike Glock Poor John’s
2004 to 2005 Claude Hutchings Mike Kamm Jamie Burnham Mike Glock Brooklyns
2003 to 2004 David Burnham Claude Hutchings Jamie Burnham Mike Glock Brooklyns
2002 to 2003 David Burnham Claude Hutchings Jamie Burnham Mike Glock Knotty Pine
2001 to 2002 David Burnham Claude Hutchings Jamie Burnham Mike Glock Carneys
2000 to 2001 Bruce Carlton Dave Burnham Jamie Stevens Mike Glock Carneys
1999 to 2000 Bruce Carlton Dave Burnham Mike Kamm Mike Glock Carneys
1998 to 1999 Bruce Carlton Dave Burnham Mike Kamm Mike Glock Carneys
1997 to 1998 Dan/BruceCarltonAug Bruce Carlton Mike Kamm Mike Glock Poor Johns
1996 to 1997 Dan Carlton Bruce Carlton Mike Kamm Mike Glock Poor Johns
1995 to 1996 Dan Carlton Bruce Carlton Mike Kamm Mike Glock Poor Johns
1994 to 1995 Dan Carlton Bruce Carlton Dave Burnham Mike Glock Poor Johns
1993 to 1994 Al Duval Bruce Carlton Dave Burnham Mike Glock Poor Johns
1992 to 1993 Al Duval Bruce Carlton Dave Burnham Mike Glock Poor Johns
1991 to 1992 David Burnham Ken Marshall Suanne Burnham Dick Pashley Poor Johns
1990 to 1991 David Burnham Ken Marshall Suanne Burnham Dick Pashley Poor Johns
1989 to 1990 David Burnham Ken Marshall Suanne Burnham Dick Pashley Poor Johns
1988 to 1989 Bob Pashley Ken Marshall Suanne Burnham Dick Pashley Poor Johns
1987 to 1988 Bob Pashley Ken Marshall Mychell Morris Dick Pashley Marys Pizza
1986 to 1987 Bob Pashley Ken Marshall Duane Stangle Dick Pashley Marys Pizza
1985 to 1986 Marty Foley Ken Marshall Lisa Foley Dick Pashley Wagon Wheel
1984 to 1985 Vern Pashley Ken Marshall Dick Vedder Sue Marshall Wagon Wheel
1983 to 1984 Vern Pashley Ken Marshall Dick Vedder Sue Marshall Wagon Wheel
1982 to 1983 Dick Pashley Glen Watkins Dick Vedder Vern Pashley Roc’s
1981 to 1982 Dick Pashley Glen Watkins Brenda Page Dennis Page Roc’s
1980 to 1981 Tony LeBoutillier Dick Pashley Brenda Page Dennis Page Good Times
1979 to 1980 Bruce Carlton Tony LeBoutillier Brenda Page Dennis Page Good Times
1978 to 1979 Bruce Carlton Dick Vedder Debbie Watkins Glen White Good Times
1977 to 1978 Bruce Carlton Dick Vedder Sylvia Crayford Mike Crayford Good Times
1976 to 1977 Dick Vedder Al Duval Sylvia Crayford Mike Crayford Colonial Inn
1975 to 1976 Dick Vedder Al Duval Sue Mills Mike Crayford Colonial Inn
1974 to 1975 Joe Strykiewicz Bob Dickson Nancy Strykiewicz Mike Crayford Colonial Inn
1973 to 1974 Joe Strykiewicz Bob Dickson Nancy Strykiewicz Mike Crayford Colonial Inn
1972 to 1973 Joe Strykiewicz Bob Dickson Nancy Strykiewicz Mike Crayford Colonial Inn
1971 Joe Strykiewicz Bob Dickson Nancy Strykiewicz Mike Crayford Colonial Inn
1970 Colin Taylor Joe Strykiewicz Sylvia Crayford Mike Crayford Colonial Inn
1969 Colin Taylor Ken Watkins Sylvia Crayford Mike Crayford Colonial Inn
1968 George James Colin Taylor Sylvia Crayford Bob Bennick Colonial Inn
1967 Joe Strykiewicz Ken Watkins Nancy Strykiewicz George James Colonial Inn
1966 Bill Smith NO VP Bea Smith George James Colonial Inn
1965 Bill Smith NO VP Kay Thompson Robert Bennick Colonial Inn
1964 Lauren Thompson NO VP Kay Thompson Robert Bennick Colonial Inn
1963 Bill Smith NO VP Bea Smith Robert Bennick Colonial Inn
1962 Bill Smith NO VP Bea Smith Janet Winter Colonial Inn
1961 Dick Vedder NO VP Howard Teetz Floyd Moore Colonial Inn
1960 Andrew Murphy NO VP Bil Davis Floyd Moore Treadway Inn
1959 Win Bigelow NO VP Jim Brookman Janet Winter Big Maple Tavern
1958 Gordon Morris NO VP Jack Paul Bill Smith The Maples
1957 Sherm Haven NO VP John Wessels Dick Vedder Chelsea House
1956 Mike Gould NO VP Robert Winter Mary Nolan Chelsea House
1955 Ward Allen NO VP Malcolm Buffum Norma Shire Union Inn
1954 Bates Murphy NO VP Richard J Shine ? Canterbury House