Contact us

To Contact Our Officials please e-mail or call before 9:00pm Eastern Time Zone;


For general questions, rules clarifications, event information:

President Dave Burnham — Phone 518-875-6956 or at   racing48 at


For financial matters

Treasurer Mike Glock – Weekdays 518-393-0093 racing1a at


For membership information:
Secretary Roger Collen – rcollen at


For Questions About Street Legal Classes;

SL/SLS Class Coordinator  Mike Waterhouse 518-810-8831 or waterhmp at


For Questions About A.M.E.C. And All Technical Inspection Issues

Any one of the club officers


For questions on timing and scoring, and number assignments

Roger Collen –    rcollen at


Mark Long (845)418-3693  nymalo at
Michael Waterhouse – waterhmp at or 518-810-8831